Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bad Movie Roulette

   As a follow-up to this post, a comment reminded me of a game my friends and I sometimes played in law school so as not to miss out on certain entertainment opportunities: "Bad Movie Roulette". The rules follow.

  1. With a group of at least four friends, find the pre-viewed movie section of your local video store.

  2. Each person selects the worst movie he is willing to subject the rest of the group to.

  3. After everyone has selected a movie, one person collects the house keys of all participants. The keys are then given to a video store clerk, who is asked to select one key(ring) at random.

  4. The person whose keys were selected must buy his bad movie.

  5. Everyone else must join the proud new owner in watching the newly-purchased movie, which will henceforth be known as " . . . presented by [buyer]" (e.g., Save the Last Dance, presented by Brian Smith). This is done to memorialize the occasion, which is especially useful when your buddy has selected a romantic comedy for your all-male group.

  6. After the viewing has ended, the buyer must keep the movie and add it to his collection. (This rule was instituted after a member of our group detroyed his copy of Battlefield Earth after the initial viewing.

That's it. Feel free to add drinking game elements, but it's really not necessary. The game stands on its own and is a topic of conversation for months, if not years, afterward.


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