Thursday, September 22, 2005

Benedict XVI: gay priests verboten

   I was deeply disappointed by this news today: it seems the Catholic Church will be barring gay men from the priesthood, rather more proactively than it has in the past.

   I am not prepared to examine this in any real depth right now because 1) the document affirming this policy has not yet been released, sustaining a few lingering doubts that the press actually got the story right; and, 2) I don't really feel like digging out my catechism this evening.

   The always thought-provoking John Scalzi has a few thoughts on the matter that I can't disagree with. Here is the money line:

I'm not Catholic and never was . . . so I don't really get a vote here, but in my opinion, any man who can keep it in his pants for Christ is showing a level of devotion that deserves merit.

A good point. If a man is willing to turn his life over to God, does it really matter whether he forsakes henceforth the company of women or men to do so?

   I may post on this in greater detail, but I suspect my thoughts will be largely unchanged when all the facts come to light.


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