Monday, September 19, 2005

Decisions, Decisions for Schumer

   Following up on this post, it seems that Robert Novak has a source who overheard Senators Schumer and Feinstein in an elevator expressing their dismay at their inability to score points against John Roberts during the confirmation hearings last week.

   [Yes, I am well aware that Novak has had some accuracy problems of late. But then, you, dear reader, are the one jumping from blog to blog; for your sake, I hope you have at least a grain of salt or two in hand in any event.]

In response, the Democrats have so hardened their posture that a unanimous Judiciary Committee vote by them against Roberts is probable. In the full Senate, the most that Roberts can hope for is probably eight Democrats, or 63 total votes.

   If this is true, Schumer does realize that this strategy will not win him any voters as he runs the Democratic senate campaign next year, doesn't he? The best he can hope for with this tactic is a zero-sum outcome, but the more likely result is the repulsion of a critical sliver of independents who think that a lot of time and hot air is being wasted on holding back the "mainstream conservative" he asked for in the first place.

[Hat tip: Decision '08]


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