Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A new name enters the fray

   Justice Karen Williams?

   The Washington Post is reporting on the conventional list of possible nominees for Justice O'Connor's seat:

White House officials are keeping the shortlist of possible nominees secret, but three Republicans close to the president said it includes men and women, whites and minorities. Among the names mentioned are Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales; Edward Charles Prado and Priscilla R. Owen, both from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit; Consuelo Maria Callahan, from the 9th Circuit; Larry Thompson, former deputy attorney general; Maura Corrigan, a member of the Michigan Supreme Court; Alice Batchelder of the 6th Circuit; Karen Williams and J. Michael Luttig, both from the 4th Circuit; Michael McConnell, from the 10th Circuit; and Samuel A. Alito Jr. of the 3rd Circuit.

I had not yet heard Judge Williams's name mentioned, but Steve Dillard at Southern Appeal has it on good authority that the Fourth Circuit judge is a very likely candidate.

   For me, the good money is still on Michael McConnell of the Tenth Circuit. But then, I was also sure he would be the last nominee.


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