Friday, September 23, 2005

Oh, snap!

From Yahoo! News:

[Warren] Beatty, who has criticized the governor several times this year, called [Schwartzenegger's] initiatives "union busting" and "fascist."

Schwarzenegger spokeswoman Margita Thompson said "we don't care that much about Warren Beatty, and based on his ticket sales from the past generation, I doubt anyone else does either."

* * *

A statewide Field Poll taken in June showed that just 24 percent of California voters would be inclined to elect Beatty governor, while 53 percent said they weren't inclined and 23 percent had no opinion.


Anonymous ks said...

Maybe the voters finally realized that just because a person acts like a politician, it doesn't mean they have the brains or ability to be one.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Bostonian Exile said...

If so, it's about time.

Citizens in this country spend far too much time caring about -- and worse, parroting -- the ill-developed politics of most celebrities. (I might list exceptions, but none readily come to mind. That said, the fact that Bruce Willis and Chuck Norris, for example, are Republicans scores no points with me.) As for Arnold, for better or worse, Californians made a decision, and will have to live with it until next year.

Celebs are citizens like everyone else and have all the rights and privileges attendant to that. Fine. But, until Beatty or anyone else actually runs for office, I don't see why people should care any more than if an actual labor expert had been speaking at this event.


3:01 PM  

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