Monday, October 24, 2005

Programming Note

   I had planned on updating this morning before walking out of the door, but I have been watching the coverage of Hurricane Wilma. My parents are in Florida right now and while (thankfully) they seem to have been spared the worst of it, I will feel much better when the storm has headed out over the Atlantic later today. Charley is still just a little too vivid in my memory.

   Look this evening for a post on why I am growing more convinced that the Harriet Miers nomination was an intentional non-starter from the outset. I have alluded to it a couple of times here and elsewhere, and it seems to be growing a little more clear.

   Also, look for an update on the project I alluded to last week.

   Lastly, I think the Wolverines are going to kill me before the season is over. A second straight last-play win? Twenty-six is far too young to be felled by a massive coronary.


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