Thursday, October 06, 2005

Surber on Stars in Politics

   I tend to agree with Don Surber as often as not, but he hits with much greater clarity here the point I made earlier, if somewhat obliquely:

"My father ran for Congress last year. I couldn't campaign for him and I knew I couldn't, because I'd hurt him,” [George] Clooney said. “They tried to get me to get on the John Kerry train and I said: 'We'll hurt him. They'll use us as 'liberal'.”

Well, now that he mentions it, there is a backlash against being told by every two-bit girl singer that Bush is an idiot and Americans are idiots for voting for him.

Of course, celebs are entitled to their views. Write a letter to the editor. Blog. Talk about nothing but politics in every interview-to-promote-the-flick. Knock yourself out. But don’t expect the rest of the nation to embrace your ideas simply because you are a star.

(Emphasis mine.)

Now, will anyone in Hollywood at least consider Clooney's point?


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