Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ted Kennedy: Convert to the "Up or Down Vote"

   My jaw dropped this morning when I heard Ted Kennedy say the following on CNN:

I felt sorry for the -- Ms. Miers, who really never got a chance to either have a hearing, let alone have a vote.

So, let me get this straight: Ted Kennedy has had no problems supporting years-long filibusters on eminently qualified judicial nominees, but he feels bad because an unqualified hack decided to withdraw before her timely-scheduled judiciary committee hearing.

   Color me unimpressed. This had absolutely nothing to do with senators using procedural tactics to hold up the nominee, and everything to do with the nominee bowing out. That the bow-out came from external political pressure is completely beside the point, and my disingenuous senator knows it.

   Can this be anything less than an admission that Ted Kennedy will never support a qualified Bush nominee, when he feels "sorry" that the Senate is not spending its time on an unqualified one?

   Brilliantly played, Ted.

   If this is the foundation upon which an Alito filibuster is to be built, that house won't stand.


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