Monday, November 14, 2005

Tree-hugging Propaganda

   Whoever did this study purporting to show that New England winters are getting warmer didn't take into account the last couple of years.

Warmer? I wish I had known that during the stretch last winter when we spent over 30 consecutive days without edging about the freezing mark. Or the day when I woke up to -10 degrees Fahrenheit (-45 degrees wind chill for the curious northerners in the audience), and was half tempted to get dressed so I could go outside for a minute to see what it felt like. (You can have crazy ideas when you wake-up in a closet studio apartment at 6 a.m.)

Rainier? I wish I had known that when we had about four feet dumped on us in one weekend last year. Or the three feet we got during a nor'easter the year before.

Yes. I now feel much better about winters here.

Linked to Don Surber.


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