Friday, December 09, 2005

RINOs on the Weblog Awards

As I noted previously, lots of Raging RINOs are finalists for Weblog Awards.

Reaction is starting to trickle in:

Eric at Classical Values demurs to his own nomination and offers his strong recommendations for Best LGBT Blog.

Rachel at Tinkerty Tonk offers her endorsements -- RINO and otherwise -- in multiple categories.

Decision '08 has started a series of posts looking at individual categories.

Pigilito offers his thoughts, including a couple of tiebreakers in categories where he is splitting his vote.

Searchlight Crusade gives recommendations in what looks like every category and, in true RINO fashion, votes his conscience instead of a straight RINO line. I can respect that.

UPDATE: The World According to Nick checks in with his thoughts on the matter. His blog is the choice for "Best of the Top 2501-3500 Blogs", bar none.

Keep checking back for more RINO reactions and remember: Vote every day until December 15!


Blogger DonSurber said...

"Vote every day until December 15!"
I see the election is under West Virginia rules.
I'll take the pint rather than the $5

10:00 AM  

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