Friday, October 14, 2005

It's Friday already?

   In response to comments from my pre-New York excursion post:

  1. I did not get lost on the subway, though I did have to ride past my stop at 34th Street due to a "police investigation." I don't know if it was terror-related, or just everyday street crime. All I know is that in the middle of the day an empty subway station is an exceptionally eerie sight.

  2. I did not join a Mennonite community, though I did learn that there was an Amish-run shop not far from my friend's apartment. An Amish-run shop. In perhaps the most electrified city in the world. Who knew?

  3. Nothing is more obnoxious than watching the Yankees win a playoff game with several hundred Yankee fans in a bar in Manhattan. For the Red Sox fan, it is like a little jaunt into the Inferno. I only wish I could have been there the following night when the Angels clinched the series.

That's all for now. My current daytime schedule is such that I don't have ready internet access until after 5 p.m., though that should change next week, if only a little. Also, I'll try to get caught up a bit this weekend with some thoughts on visiting Times Square and Ground Zero.