Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fresh Fodder for the Cannon

Just when I start to think I am (temporarily) running out of bogging ideas, something like this comes along.

The Alliance for Justice has started a blog: Full Court Press.  In the usual arrogant AFJ fashion, the blog purports to "keep you up-to-date about the rapidly increasing number of judicial opinions that unjustifiably restrict rights, undermine legal protections, and adversely affect real people."

Notice how they make no promise to justify their preferred (and ultimately losing) outcomes, demonstrating why they should have prevailed?  That's because, as often as not if the first few posts are indicative, this is really more about the evils of Republican-appointed judges (except, of course, those named Souter, Stevens, and sometimes Kennedy) than about why their legal arguments should have won.

I fully expect the Full Court Press to supply me with blogging material for some time to come.

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