Saturday, May 06, 2006


Holy Mother of God.  Week one of work.

Suddenly, I'm the proud owner of about a dozen casefiles.  Thankfully, only half of them have court dates scheduled for the next month.  This means I will actually have some days in the office to get some real work done.

Amazingly, in the span of a week, going to court has gone from a novel and flawless experience to a significant chunk out of an otherwise busy day.

But then, I can see how having half of a day out of the office every now and then can be good, too.

Now, it's the weekend and, really, the last thing I want to do at home in my free time is to look at a computer screen.  Off to read this.  And, if I get tired of that, perhaps this new arrival instead.

Back when I can come up for air.

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